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Carrington-Brown-DVD 2009
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me and my cello cd


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me and my cello cd

DVD — “Lumberjack Big Band feat. Carrington-Brown”

DVD 2010, Big Band meets Comedy – live at the Volksbank Göppingen
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me and my cello cd

CD — “Mit Schirm, Charme und Cellone”

Double-CD 2012 – live at the “Bar jeder Vernunft” (Berlin, 2011)
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Award winning, multi-lingual, music comedian Rebecca Carrington and “Joe”, her 18th century cello, must be one of the world’s most unusual double-acts.

Together they perform spoofs of everything from Pop to Opera and Jazz to Bollywood. Having performed Live and on Radio & Television around the world they are rapidly gaining an international reputation in the comedy/cabaret scene.

In 2007 she created the double act, CARRINGTON-BROWN, with her stagepartner Colin Brown, who has perfomed as a singer and actor in London’s West End and with the “Royal Shakespeare Company”. He was a member of the UK Kult-A-Capella-Group “The Magnets” for 10 years and sung as a backing singer for Robbie Williams on his 2006 “Close Encounters” World Tour.
Together they have won international cabaret prizes including the audience prize at both the “German Prix Pantheon” and the “Swiss Arosa Humour Festival”.


Here are some edited tracks from our show, click the speaker to listen (Flash-Plugin required):

Love for Sale

One Note Samba

Classic FM

One Minute Waltz


Through the fair



Here are some edited tracks from the show “Lumberjack Big Band featuring Carrington-Brown” (Flash-Plugin required):

La Vie En Rose

The Girl from Ipanema

Kenya & Rockin' all over the world

I feel Good

Lovely Day

Somethin' stupid

Baby, it's cold outside

Bare Necessities

Oh So Quiet

Mr. Bojangles

Always Look on the bright side of life



Carrington-Brown featuring Pete the Beat on NDR “Die Comedy Gala”
Posted 11/12/12

me and my cello cd me and my cello cd Carrington-Brown and Pete the Beat were featured on the NDR “Comedy Gala – 10 Jahre Desimos Spezial Club” at the Theater Am Aegi in Hannover. Please click here to watch the videos in our video section.


Carrington-Brown rock Wilhelmshaven!
Posted 04/12/12

Carrington-Brown performed for the 3rd time at the Pumpwerk in Wilhelmshaven on Saturday. The audience were fantastic and they received this great Article from the local newspaper – please click here to read it …


Carrington-Brown at “Desimo’s Spezial Club” 10 year jubilee Gala
Posted 30/10/12

me and my cello cd Carrington-Brown perform at “Desimo’s Spezial Club” 10 year jubilee Gala at the “Theater am Aegi”. Carrington-Brown were part of an all star line up on Friday and Saturday. They performed with Pete the Beat to a sold out theatre of 1300 seats! It was filmed by NDR and will be shown on NDR on December 7th at midnight!


Carrington-Brown on German TV
Posted 29/10/12

Carrington-Brown have been asked to guest on one of Germany’s most favourite children show: “Tigerenten Club”. They will appear on the 15th November. Please check out the web page


Rebecca Carrington on Deutsche Welle
Posted 12/06/12

me and my cello cd Rebecca Carrington was interviewed on the German Station “Deutsche Welle” which was broadcast internationally last week. She was invited as the guest on “Insight Germany” a programme with the English Singer Robin Merrill. It is a programme about people who live in Germany but are not orginally from there and their impressions of Germany and the Germans. And good news for all you English Speaking people: the whole interview is in English! She has already received emails from as far as Goa, in India and Namibia! Enjoy!


Carrington-Brown new CD “Mit Schirm, Charme und Cellone” is now on sale
Posted 22/04/12

me and my cello cd The new CD of Carrington-Brown's latest show is now on sale. Please click here to go to our online shop where you can listen to excerpts from the show, recorded in Berlin, at the “Bar Jeder Vernunft”.


Carrington-Brown with the “Lumberjack Big Band” DVD
Posted 22/04/12

me and my cello cd A DVD of the live concert that Carrington-Brown performed with the Lumberjack Big Band is now available to purchase in the online shop. Carrington-Brown and the Lumberjack Big Band join forces to create a unique live show. With sketches from their solo show and a host of well known songs, Carrington-Brown and the Lumberjack Big Band explore another dimension of entertainment. A wonderful blend of Music, Comedy and Theatricality.


Amazing in Alsace!
Posted 23/02/12

On Saturday night, Carrington-Brown performed to a delighted full house at the Theatre Municipal in Colmar, Alsace. This was their first time in Colmar and it's beautiful Theatre and their performance guaranteed it want be the last! Click here to read an article from the Alsace Press.


Carrington-Brown will be guests on the Red Sofa
Posted 13/02/12

DAS!Carrington-Brown will be guests on the Red Sofa, 13.02.12 on “DAS” NDR TV Show at 18.45-19.30. Be prepared to see photos of the two of them from their past and some interesting ones of Colin in DRAG!. Please click here for more information.


Brilliant in Bremerhaven: Carrington-Brown receive another excellent review
Posted 05/02/12

Carrington-Brown Carrington-Brown receive another excellent review for their first show in Bremerhaven. To read the article or zoom the photo please click on the icons.


Rebecca Carrington on NDR Talkshow
Posted 27/01/12

Carrington-Brown The presenters welcome Peter and Mike Kraus, Rebecca Carrington, Ben Tewaag, Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke, Veronica Ferres, Kati Wilhelm and Johann Lafer in their 665th show. Please click here for watching the clip at the video-page.


Carrington-Brown receive great reviews in Hamburg and Bonn
Posted 16/01/12


For their shows in December at the “Hamburg Schmidt Theater” and the “Bonn Pantheon” Carrington-Brown received two wonderful reviews from the Hamburg Morgenpost and the Bonner Rundschau. Please click on the icons to read them.


First “ZDF Morgenmagazin” now “ZDF heute nacht”
Posted 09/11/11


After a successful appearance on “ZDF Morgenmagazin”, Carrington-Brown were yesterday featured on the evening equivalent “ZDF heute Nacht” which coincided with their premiere show at the “Bar Jeder Vernunft” in Berlin. Please click here for watching the clip at the video-page.


Carrington-Brown live on German Television ZDF
Posted 26/10/11

Carrington-Brown Carrington-Brown Carrington-Brown Carrington-Brown

On October 18th 2011, Carrington-Brown performed live at the morning magazine “ZDF Morgenmagazin”. With their performance of “All Blues” and “English Paar in Deutschland”, they did not only impress the presenters of the Show as well as the live audience in the studio, but also a vast number of viewers at home.


Wonderful review for performance in Kaarst
Posted 26/10/11

After having played in sold out “Albert-Einstein-Forum” im Kaarst, Carrington-Brown received a glowing review in the “Neuss-Grevenbroicher” newspaper; please click here in order to read the review in German and/or English.


Carrington-Brown received brilliant press commentaries in Hannover!
Posted 11/09/11

For their performance in the sold out Schauspielhaus in Hannover on September 4th 2011 Carrington-Brown received amazing press commentaries. Carrington-Brown would again like to take the opportunity to thank the promoter Desimo very much for this wonderful and successful evening! In order to read the press commentaries, please click here and here.


Posted 02/09/11

Carrington-Brown Carrington-Brown Carrington-Brown Carrington-Brown

Carrington-Brown successfully performed at this year’s Bundespräsident Sommerfest at Schloss Bellevue, Berlin. Before their performance, Rebecca and Colin were also invited to the official reception to meet the President and his wife in person.


Review: CARRINGTON-BROWN thrill again at “Kleines Fest” 2011!
Posted 02/09/11


Carrington-Brown appearing for the second time at the “Kleines Fest im Grossen Garten”, Hannover 2011. With excerpts from their new programme “mit Schirm Charme und Cellone” they thrilled audiences once again making this appearance as successful as the last in 2009. Accompanied this time by friend and colleague Pete The Beat, they played to full audiences for the whole run and were featured as one of the top five acts of this year’s festival. They were among 115 artists from 15 different nations taking part in the festival. Here are some impressions from their performances. For further information, visit


Posted 24/08/11

Rebecca presents her own radio show (“Klassik-Pop-Et Cetera”) on DEUTSCHLAND FUNK on the 27.08. at 10:05 a.m.. Please click here for details: »…


Review: CARRINGTON-BROWN at the Berliner Hoffest!
Posted 24/08/11

Carrington-Brown Carrington-Brown Carrington-Brown Carrington-Brown

Under the auspices of Berlin’s mayor Klaus Wowereit, about 3,500 invited guests from business, politics, science and culture come together every year in the yards of the Berlin City Hall. This year's Berliner Hoffest has been enriched by the performance of CARRINGTON-BROWN. Apart from the performances of CARRINGTON-BROWN, Colin also presented the contribution he has made ​​as an international ambassador for the campaign “be Berlinternational”!


Online article about upcoming performances of Carrington-Brown in Hannover and Braunschweig
Posted 08/08/11

Please have a look at our latest press release that is published on “” in order to promote the next two upcoming shows of Carrington-Brown in Hannover (September 4th at the Schauspielhaus) and Braunschweig (September 9th at “Kultur im Zelt”)! Please click here to read it …!


CARRINGTON-BROWN were one of the chosen highlights at this year’s outdoor festival in Hannover
Posted 04/08/11

Basar Carrington-Brown

Carrington-Brown have just returned from a 3 week festival in Hannover. “Kleines Fest im Großen Garten” is in it's 26th year. There were 115 artists, from 15 different countries with 33 stages and a lot of wonderful walk acts too. CARRINGTON-BROWN received this fantastic review from the “Neue Presse” newspaper from Hannover stating they were one of the top 5 highlights of the festival! Please click here to read it …


Colin is finally a cover boy
Posted 30/06/11

Carrington-Brown Carrington-Brown Carrington-Brown
Carrington-Brown performed at this years Hoffest as part of the BE BERLIN Tent. And as you can see Colin made the front cover of the official magazine. Unglaublich, oder?


Carrington-Brown to perform for the Mayor of Berlin and the President of Germany next week
Posted 21/06/11

On 28.06.11 Carrington-Brown will be the first to officially greet and meet the Mayor of Berlin at the Berliner Hoffest. As part of the BE BERLIN tent they have been asked to provide a musical greeting, which will happen at 17:30. Later sometime after 18hr they will perform 20 minutes in the BE BERLIN Tent.

On 01.07.11 Carrington-Brown have been invited to perform at the Presidential Summer Festival at the Bellevue Palace. They feel very honoured as this is the equivalent to performing for the Queen at Buckingham Palace!!!!


Carrington-Brown perform their SOLO Programme for the the first time at the well-known Berlin Theatre, “Die Wühlmäuse”
Posted 26/05/11

On 02-03 June 2011, Berlin, Wühlmäuse, 20.00 Uhr, “Me and My Cello”
», 030 - 306 730 11.

If you use the password “Royal Wedding” to book tickets at the Theatre you will get half price tickets. Please tell all your friends and they will also benefit from the reduction.


Carrington-Brown rock the “Köln Philharmonie”
Posted 24/05/11

Basar Last night Carrington-Brown was featured in the “Diven Gala Show” as part of the “Sommerblut Festival” in Köln. They received a Standing Ovation!!!

Extract of the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger article: “When Rebecca Carrington with her 230 year old Cello named Joe and Colin Brown, her stage partner, who plays the bagpipes effortlessly, came on stage the audience lost it's composure. The trio from England turned out to be so outrageously funny and eclectic regarding it's utterly un-diva-like forms of expression, that it left one either speechless or cracking up laughing.”
Click » here to read the article.


Austrian Press: Carrington-Brown receive good press for the Premiere of “Mit Schirm, Charme und Cellone”
Posted 21/05/11

Basar Kronenzeitung Volksblatt Please click the icons to read the articles.





Carrington-Brown receive a raving review for their new show “Mit Schirm und Cellone”
Posted 23/03/11

Carrington-Brown in came to the Premiere of Carrington-Brown's new show at the Bar Jeder Vernunft in Berlin and gave them this raving review! Please click here to read it.




Carrington-Brown premiere of their new show “Mit Schirm, Charme und Cellone” at the Bar Jeder Vernunft this week!!!
Posted 01/03/11

Carrington-Brown to appear at the Rose d'Or Global TV Award Festival in Luzern Carrington-Brown return to one of their favourite venues this week in Berlin with their new show. Tickets selling fast so book now!



Carrington-Brown have a new show: “MIT SCHIRM, CHARME und CELLONE”
Posted 01/03/11

Carrington-Brown Carrington-Brown Here is the new image and poster.






Carrington-Brown perform for a 1000 people at the Festhalle in Viersen
Posted 07/12/10

Carrington-Brown in ViersenOn November 12th Carrington-Brown returned to Viersen to perform at a packed out Festhalle. They had been invited back as the audience had voted them one of their favourite shows of 2009. Click here to read this raving review from the Rheinische-Post.



Carrington-Brown at the “Pantheon” in Bonn
Posted 03/11/10

Carrington-Brown in StadthagenLast Sunday Carrington-Brown returned to one of their favourite German Theatres, the “BONN PANTHEON”. They performed to a very full and fantastic audience! Ever since they won the audience prize back in 2007 they have always enjoyed performing at one of the most prestigious Klein Kunst Venues in Germany. They received this wonderful review from the “General Anzeiger Bonn” …


CARRINGTON-BROWN selling out at the “Bar Jeder Vernunft” in Berlin!
Posted 18/10/10

Carrington-Brown in StadthagenCarrington-Brown: “Me And My Cello – RELOADED”
12th – 24th October 2010
(19th Featuring “SWEET PETE THE BEAT”!)
» Please click to read the article from 17. October in “The Berlin Express”.



Carrington-Brown to appear at the “Rose d'Or Global TV Award Festival” in Luzern on 21.09.10
Posted 22/09/10

Carrington-Brown to appear at the Rose d'Or Global TV Award Festival in Luzern As part of the Comedy Night show Carrington-Brown are performing in front of an international audience for the 2010 Rose d'Or Global TV Award Festival!. Click here for more details »



Carrington-Brown receive press from Stadthagen
Posted 20/09/10

Carrington-Brown in StadthagenCarrington-Brown received another “Standing Ovation” in Stadthagen. They performed to a sold out “Alte Polizei” and received this great reaction from the local press.




Carrington-Brown receive a Standing Ovation at the Bochum Tent Festival, Zelt Festival Ruhr
Posted 01/09/10

On Thursday 26th August Carrington-Brown performed to a full tent at the Zelt Festival Ruhr, following the likes of Jamie Cullum and Simple Minds. Carrington-Brown had a great night and were very touched to receive a spontaneous Standing Ovation at the end. They look forward to returning to Bochum as the atmosphere was electric!!!!


Carrington-Brown wins the Schwerte Kleinkunst Prize 2009!
Posted 01/09/10

Carrington-Brown wins the Schwerte Kleinkunst Prize 2009On Wednesday 25th August Carrington-Brown were presented with one of the oldest Kleinkunst prizes awarded in Germany. The Audience voted for their favourite show of 2009 and out of 120 points Carrington-Brown were given 117, the clearest win ever! They were presented this rather unusual sculpture by DESIMO and the Schwerte Sparkasse as well as winning some prize money.

» Here you can find an interview of the WDR at the gala (only temporarily available).


Carrington-Brown on French Radio
Posted 28/07/10

Carrington-Brown on French Radio Carrington-Brown on French RadioCarrington-Brown took part in a French Radio Programme, France Bleu Radio Vaucluse. This was part of the Avignon Festival and of course the whole interview had to be in French!! This is the first recording we have of Mr Bojangles … so please enjoy:


Bagpiper of Berlin in Avignon
Posted 28/07/10

Bagpiper of Berlin in Avignon So here is the Bagpiper of Berlin in Avignon accompanied by Pierre Illias, Carrington-Brown's French Producer and the lovely Judith Haase, their fabulous Technician.



Carrington-Brown at the Avignon Festival in France
Posted 28/07/10

Carrington-Brown in BerlinCarrington-Brown are performing for the whole of July at the Avignon Festival in France. Their shows are selling very well considering there are 1100 other shows each day as part of the festival. » Here is a press review they received from the



Carrington-Brown host The English Comedy Weekend at the Wühlmause in Berlin
Posted 28/06/10

Carrington-Brown presented the English Comedy Weekend on the 25th and 26th June. They invited 3 top performers to perform in English, Junior Simpson, Stephen Grant and Eric Bouvron.


New press from the Westfalen-Blatt
Posted 28/06/10

Carrington-Brown in BerlinHere is some new press about Carrington-Brown from the Westfalen-Blatt.




Carrington-Brown on Swiss TV
Posted 06/06/10

On May 30th, Carrington-Brown were guests on one of Switzerland's most popular TV shows, Giacobbo/Müller. This goes out every sunday evening and is watched by about 40% of the German speaking Swiss population. » You can click here to watch it on the internet …


“Me & My Cello”-CD now available online
Posted 18/05/10

Carrington-Brown in BerlinRebecca's one and only solo album which she recorded back in 2005 is again available to buy. It includes songs recorded in a studio in London and extracts from live performances at the “Edinburgh Festival” and “Maulhelden Festival” in Berlin. To listen to extracts or to order see above.


Carrington-Brown perform at the Quatsch Comedy Club in Berlin on May 17th-18th at 20:00
Posted 12/05/10

Carrington-Brown in BerlinCarrington-Brown are back in Berlin performing at their favourite Comedy Club....QUATSCH! Don't miss the chance to see them perform at this beautiful theatre. To book tickets: Friedrichstr. 107, 10117 Berlin
Tickets: 01805 - 25 55 65



Carrington-Brown perform at the Park Theatre in Augsburg on Friday
Posted 27/04/10

Augsburg TheatreCarrington-Brown performed at this beautiful Theatre, the Park Theatre, Das Kurhaus, Göggingen in Augsburg. It was their first visit to Augsburg and the show was completely sold out.
They also returned to Pforzheim (their favourite name!), Kulturhaus, Osterfeld on Saturday where the audience were on fire … and they think they might have found a new fan who is prepared to come on tour with them … Jessica, you know who you are :) Please see the Guestbook!

On the road with Joe The short tour to south Germany was completed by a return visit to Allensbach Pfarrheim (another great German name!). Here is a photo of behind the scenes entitled “On the road with Joe”.




Carrington-Brown in Bielefeld
Posted 26/03/10

DerWesten.deLast Saturday Carrington-Brown performed for the first time in Bielefeld. They performed at the Theaterlabor which was completely packed out! They have already been invited back with their new programme in 2012! Click here to read the raving review (in german)!



Carrington-Brown performs with the “Lumberjack Big Band”
Posted 12/03/10

DerWesten.deOn Sunday Carrington-Brown performed their first show with a Big Band. It was a great success and has already led to more bookings! Click here to read the great review they got!




Carrington-Brown in Stuttgart
Posted 17/02/10

DerWesten.deCarrington-Brown have just returned from another sold out show at the Theaterhaus in Stuttgart. The audience were fantastic and they received a great review in the Newspaper … Click here to read the article!




Carrington-Brown to perform with the “Lumberjack Big Band” on 07.03.2010
Posted 09/02/10 Carrington-Brown meets the “Lumberjack Big Band”.
» pdf with details (german)
» website “Lumberjack Big Band”





New press article from Siegen –
Posted 15/01/10

DerWesten.deHere is an article from “”. Click here to read the article!






Rebecca Carrington on WDR Kölner Treff
Posted 19/12/09

Last night Rebecca was a guest featured on the well known German chat show Kölner Treff with Bettina Böttinger. She was interviewed and demonstrated some of her cello comedy. The show went out live bit will be repeated Sunday night. Check out the link (temporary available).


Carrington-Brown entertain the Berlin Philharmonic!
Posted 09/12/09

Last Monday – 07.12.09 – Carrington-Brown were the special guest performers at the annual Berlin Philharmonic Christmas Party held at the Berlin Philharmonie. It was a big success and has led to possible engagements at the Philharmonie next year.


Carrington-Brown – The French Connection
Posted 16/10/09

Wilhelmshaven – Kompass On the 2nd October Carrington-Brown took part in the “32nd Bœuf Théâtre Comedy Festival” in Antibes. They played to a full house and the show was filmed by a french TV company. Click here to see the reportage on the original webpage or click here to go to our video section.



Carrington-Brown go Dutch
Posted 21/09/09

Carrington-Brown to perform at the “Concertgebouw”, Amsterdam. On the 20th October 2009 Carrington-Brown make their debut at the world renowned “Concertgebouw” in Amsterdam. Tickets are now on sale so please click here. They will then tour throughout Holland! Please scroll the page down and find the tour dates in the left column.


The “Concertgebouw”, Amsterdam


Carrington-Brown's first visit to Friesland
Posted 19/09/09

Wilhelmshaven – Kompass Carrington-Brown performed for the first time as a duo (Colin had performed before as one of “THE MAGNETS”) at the Pumpwerk in Wilhelmshaven. The audience were fantastic; they partied hard well into the night with old friends and the Veranstalter (who of course became a new friend!!) They think it was a big success as they have already been asked back next year!!



Carrington-Brown's first performance in Belgium
Posted 17/09/09

Last Saturday Carrington-Brown performed at the “Gent Opera House” in Belgium. They performed twice as part of the “Ode Gand Festival”. Both shows were completely sold out! There was a big article in the National Newspaper, “The Standard” and there was coverage on National TV. The festival is a world renowned Classical Music Festival and such artists as “YO YO MA” (cello) were also performing on the same stage!! The success of the show will hopefully lead to more bookings in Belgium, which Carrington-Brown are very much looking forward to.


Carrington-Brown at German “Zeltfestival Ruhr”
Posted 09/09/09

Ruhr NachrichtenCarrington-Brown receives a 5 star review from a show they recently did at a Tent festival in Bochum! Click here to read the article!





Carrington-Brown in German TV
Posted 08/09/09

Carrington-Brown can be seen on german TV:
Altinger mittendrin
Friday, 11. September 2009, 22.30, Bayerisches Fernsehen
Sunday, 13. September 2009, 22.45, Bayerisches Fernsehen


Carrington-Brown in France – 2 new videos
Posted 15/07/09

See 2 new videos of Carrington-Brown in French at our video-page or go directly to This was filmed at a show we did in Toulouse in October 2008.


New press article from Hannover newspaper
Posted 15/07/09

Here is an article from the „Hannoversche Allgemeine“ that certainly helped bring a lot of people to the show at the “Kleines Fest im Großen Garten”. Thanks to Juliane Kaune, who wrote the article, our tent was full every night with great audiences – so many thanks! Click here to read the article!


Carrington-Brown playing in Hannover
Posted 15/07/09

Carrington-Brown are in Hannover playing at the “Kleines Fest Im Großen Garten” for 3 weeks.


5 new press articles from Bonn/Berlin newspapers
Posted 15/07/09

Please go to the German Press section to see the new press articles.


Rebecca Carrington wins the Internet-Cabaret-Prize “Sound Zeck” for the best Music Comedy Act
Posted 04/05/09

The third category was for the “Sound Zeck”, the prize for the best Music Show. She was nominated along with Sebastian Krämer, Schwarze Grütze und Nessi Tausendschön and was given the most votes on the internet. See details on the website.


Carrington-Brown wins the “Schwerter Kleinkunstpreis” with the highest points ever
Posted 17/03/09

Out of 120 points the audience gave them the top mark of 117 for best show of the season 2008/2009! Click here to read the or here to read the


Rebecca Carrington nominated for Internet-Cabaret-Prize “Zeck”
Posted 11/03/09

For voting and details see the website.


On January 15th 2009, Carrington-Brown performed their show to a sold out Theaterhaus in Stuttgart
Posted 20/01/09

The audience were amazed and the press impressed. Click here to read a great review from the Stuttgarter Newspaper (in german).


Carrington-Brown have just returned from their first show in Liechtenstein. They played to a full house and received this wonderful review.
Posted 20/01/09

Liechtensteiner Volksblatt: „Rebecca Carrington is an exceptional artist and a rare find: a classically trained cellist who is not only an outstanding musician, but who is also incredibly funny. Together with Colin Brown, her partner in this congenial duo, the English musician will be celebrating her birthday on the TaK stage on Saturday. “ Click here to read the whole article (in german).


Carrington-Brown in Germany Posted 17/11/08

Carrington-Brown are on tour in Germany at the moment. They have been playing to sold out audiences in Frankfurt, Koeln and Pforzheim. Here is a review (300k PDF) they just received from the Pforzheimer Zeitung.

Pforzheimer Zeitung

Photo: Keller


Carrington-Brown in Amsterdam Posted 30/10/08

Carrington-Brown have just returned from a fantastic trip to Amsterdam. They performed in the newly built Muziekgebouw at the Amsterdam Cello Biennale, Cello Festival. In front of some of the most famous names in the cello world they performed their act and recieved a standing ovation.

They were also featured on primetime national television, radio and were interviewed by the Algemeen Dagblad, Holland's 2nd most read newspaper! Click here for the press cutting.

Carrington-Brown are looking forward to returning to Holland next year.


The Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam


Great press from Croatia Posted 7/10/08

For those of you who are fluent in Croatian please check out these recent press cuttings.

Croatian press


Carrington-Brown successful Berlin premiere
Posted 29/9/08

Carrington-Brown had their Berlin Premiere at the Bar-Jeder-Vernunft on the 16th September. They have played to sold out audiences, have had some great reviews, press and have been featured on Radio and TV. The shows on September 20th & 21st were also recorded for a new DVD that will be available before Christmas. They will be performing their show at the Bar-jeder-Vernunft in Berlin till the 2nd October. A few tickets are still available!

Berliner Morgenpost "She plays the cello like a devil and sings like a goddess"

Märkische Oderzeitung
"He is a fascinating man, with dark skin, dark voice, cool jokes and tender humour"

Cannes 2008


Carrington-Brown win two more prizes Posted 29/9/08

Best show of the season voted by the audience Rosenau Theater, Stuttgart.

Best newcomers voted by a Jury for the:



Tour update and press Posted 29/9/08

Carrington-Brown have been on tour for most of 2008. Their travels have taken them to the Caribbean, Italy, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland, the UK and of course Germany. 

Here is some good press from a show they did in a Schlossgarten in Münster. Click here for a PDF of their German press (not translated).



Success in Berlin Posted 25/9/08

Carrington-Brown were featured in the magazine ExBerliner (the English speaking magazine for Berlin) as part of a "Successful in Berlin" article. Click here to view (PDF).



Me & My Cello, featuring Carrington-Brown DVD coming soon Posted 19/3/08

Rebecca Carrington, Me & My Cello, featuring Carrington-Brown will soon be available to purchase on DVD. It was recorded last year by the German TV channel 3 Sat as part of their TV Festival. Further details will be posted as soon as possible.


Carrington-Brown win another award Posted 29/2/08

On February 6th Carrington-Brown were presented the award for the best Music-Comedy Act for 2007 from the Linden Spezial Club, Hannover, Germany. The award ceremony took place in the sold out , 600 seater Schauspiel Haus in Hannover. This takes their total of awards to seven with Colin Brown commenting, "It has been a fantastic year!".  

Carrington-Brown in SwitzerlandCarrington-Brown in Switzerland


Carrington-Brown return from six week tour
of Switzerland

Posted 16/10/07

Rebecca and Colin have just returned from a whirlwind tour of the German part of Switzerland. As part of a Variety Show with the well-known Swiss Double act URSUS and NADESCHKIN, they performed 30 shows to sell out houses in all the major cities and towns across Swiss Germany. If you would like to see some of the photos taken during performance please click the images below (to see more go to the gallery).

swiss tour tshirt

Swiss Tour 2007Swiss Tour 2007Swis Tour 2007Swiss Tour 2007