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New TV clips of Rebecca Carrington on YouTube
Posted 9/10/07

If you would like to see clips of recent TV shows that Rebecca has just done please click this link to YouTube and go to the ARTE TV show and Germany 1 & 2 as these are excerpts of the 3 SAT TV show that are being repeated on German TV at the moment.


Rebecca and Colin on German TV - 22 September
Posted 16/9/07

Rebecca and Colin will be on 3 Sat TV at 21.00hr on 22nd September. It is part of the 3 Sat TV festival and was recorded last Monday. They will be performing for 45 minutes.


Carrington-Brown return from South Africa
Posted 10/7/07

Carrington-Brown have just returned from 3 sell out weeks at the Vodacom Funny Festival, in Cape Town, South Africa. As the headliners they played to a full 600 seater theatre every night along with 6 other English and South African Comedians. Here are a couple the press articles from Cosmopolitan Magazine, South Africa and the Cape Argus (click to enlarge).

Cosmopolitan South Africa Cosmopolitan South Africa


Facebook link
Posted 10/7/07

I have added a link to Facebook.


Rebecca on TV in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Posted 6/6/07

— Ottis Schlachthof BR > April 27th 07

— Prix Pantheon WDR  > May 07

— 3 SAT Prix Pantheon TV Gala > 9th June 07

— Fritz und Hermann WDR > 30th June 07

— ARTE Kultur 20.15 > 30th June 07

— Prix Pantheon Gala WDR > May/June 07

— 3 Sat Festival 45 Minuten > 10th September 07


Carrington wins Prix Pantheon Posted 1/5/07

Rebecca Carrington has won Germany's most prestigious Cabaret Award.From a line up of 12 nominated acts she was voted the audience's favourite.This will be broadcast on German TV. For more details please click on this web page.

On April 5th Carrington-Brown were awarded their fourth prize in France. This was the prix du public (audience prize) at a comedy festival in Versaille.


Carrington-Brown go fourth Posted 13/4/07

On April 5th Carrington-Brown were awarded their fourth prize in France. This was the prix du public (audience prize) at a comedy festival in Versaille. You can see the media coverage in the press cuttings section.

On April 5th Carrington-Brown were awarded their fourth prize in France. This was the prix du public (audience prize) at a comedy festival in Versaille.


Press cuttings section now open Posted 3/4/07

A new section has been created for various press cuttings of reviews, interviews and previews which have been published from around the globe. It will be updated frequently so check back for latest submissions.


Videos now available Posted 18/3/07

VideosI now have excerpts from my DVD which are available to view in the newly constructed videos section. The clips include various interviews and performances in different countries and at various festivals.

Update: These videos can also be found on youtube, just search for Rebecca Carrington.


Review at Posted 18/3/07 have put up a great new review up this month. Here's a snippet:

“Carrington is a brilliant vocal mimic, and can persuade ‘Joe’ to impersonate almost any instrument on demand – and the vignettes they so skilfully recreate provide an irresistible lift to any show”

Click here to read the full review

Carrington-Brown win Paris awards
Posted 18/3/07

Carrington-Brown have just returned from winning 3 prizes at a comedy festival in Paris. They were awarded two audience prizes and a special prize from the Jury. This has led to invitations to perform in France and Switzerland and a possible apprearance on French TV.


Carrington-Brown perform "The Urban Myth"
Posted 22/2/07

Rebecca Carrington and Colin Griffiths-Brown Carrington is joined by her new comic duo partner Colin Brown. In their show, they present a mix of comedy and music with a cello and two rather different voices from different backgrounds. From Pop to Rock, Bagpipes to Bangra these two are willing to try anything.

The show kicks off at the Farningham Hall in Kent on the 24 February. There will be more dates announced, so stay tuned.


New photos Posted 22/2/07

There are some new photos of me in the gallery, taken during a recent photoshoot (top left in the gallery).


Rebecca Carrington wins Swiss 'Perrier' Award
Posted 21/12/06

Swiss Arosa HumorfestivalRebecca Carrington

Rebecca Carrington, multi-lingual, music comedian, has won the coveted Schneestern (Snow Star) Prize at the Swiss Arosa Humorfestival (8-17 December) with Joe her 18th century cello, beating comedy stars from around the world. The Arosa Festival, spanning 9 days is held annually in an enormous tent, which seats 950 people, high up in the Alps and is one of the biggest events in German-language comedy. About 10,500 people visited the 10-day event, which hosted about 70 acts from 11 nations. The Schneestern award is chosen by a combination of audience votes and judges who work for the festival. As well as being the first ever English act, she is also the first solo woman act to win this award.

Rebecca's act, Me and My Cello, has taken her all over the world including serveral appearances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where she achieved sell-out status.

Rebecca and her cello perform spoofs of everything from Britney to Pavarotti & Jazz to Bollywood, and will be appearing internationally on Radio and TV in 2007.


Festivals in Switzerland Posted 19/12/06

I have just returned from two comedy festivals in Switzerland.

Arosa Humour Festival (winner of the Snow Star Prize!)

First was the Arosa Humour Festival which took place from the 8-17 December.

The Arosa Festival was held in a huge tent at the top of a mountain in the Alps as well as a cinema hall down in the town. The main tent seats almost a 1000 people and over the course of 9 days comedy shows, from all over world, come and perform in front of packed houses. Check out the link above to believe it!

I performed my show on the second day of the festival in the tent. I also performed 5 minutes in the TV Gala of the festival which will be broadcast on SF1 (Schweiz Fernsehen, Swiss TV 1) at 11pm January 28th, 2007. For those of you with cable you might be able to get it.

Joe and I have never performed at such a high altitude before, in the depths of snow, but after getting used to the dryness and cold, (drinking lots of Vodka, for those of you who know my know it's water right??!), I settled into the show and Joe and I were amazed at the reception that the lovely swiss people of the Arosa Festival gave us. We were allowed to perform an encore which was lucky as there was a tight turn around of shows!

We were not aware that there was a prize given at the festival the "Schneestern", (Snow Star Prize). From what I understand, this prize is decided by the audience who can give a show 1-10 and a panel of people who work for the festival. At the end of the festival the winner is announced and to my great surprise Joe and I were awarded the prize! We feel very honoured to be awarded and believe it means we may be invited back to the festival next year (Joe and I can't wait as we would love to be able to ski next year and sledge down the mountain in Joe's cello case, aka 'doing a James Bond'!)

The 17th Montreaux Festival du Rire (Festival of laughs)

Second was this eight day festival, where I performed eight minutes for the finale of a TV Gala filmed by TSR1, (Television Suisse Romande,) for Swiss French TV, live in front of 1800 people. This was recorded and will be broadcast first on 30th December on TSR1 and then in all the different French Speaking Countries at some point during next year.......If you have cable......check it out!!


Audio diary for Radio 4 Posted 19/12/06

BBC Radio 4 asked me to record an audio diary of my experiences working in German and French speaking countries which I have been to over the last month.

As well as the two Swiss Festivals mentioned above, this also included shows at the Quatsch Comedy Club in Berlin and Hamburg and at a Cabaret Spectacle at Le Sax, Acheres, near Paris. I am hoping that this will be featured in a programme that should be broadcast on Saturday 27th January, about whether English Comedy can translate into different languages and can work abroad.

UPDATE: Here is the link to the diary


Success in Germany at the Koln Comedy Festival
Posted 1/11/06

I had two very enjoyable evenings at the Koln Comedy festival and got two reviews in the newspaper. This has already led to some exciting invitations to appear on TV shows and other festivals in Germany.

If your German is up to scratch click here to read the reviews.


Bookings in Germany, Switzerland and Austria Posted 6/10/06

I have a new German Agent. I met Christain Eggert in Edinburgh at the Festival last year. He has been representing The Magnets (see below) and came strongly recommended. His agency DACAPO, are working on booking my show in Germany, they already have for the Koln Comedy Festival in October and are working on booking dates during my UK Tour which will turn it into an UK/German Tour! If you are interested in booking me in Germany or Switzerland then please visit the DACAPO website or contact him via email.


BBC Radio 4 Midweek Posted 27/9/06

Just got back from being on Midweek live this morning on Radio 4. Was on to plug the UK Tour now taking place. The other guests were all really interesting and fun! Don't worry if you missed it you can check it out online at anytime, just click here!.


German website opens Posted 25/9/06

I am pleased to inform you that the German translation of this website has been made live. Thanks to Eva and Julian for sorting this out. You should see a little German flag on the top right of this page. Simply click and the page should load (you can also click here).


Book now for Edinburgh Festival 2006 Posted 17/7/06

Edinburgh 2005If you are coming up to the Edinburgh Festival and would like to see my show I would advise booking in advance (if it is anything like last year it will start to sell out before the festival begins). You can either book through Edinburgh Fringe Box Office or directly through the venue details below. I'll be performing from the 4th-28th August.

Edinburgh Fringe Box Office
Tel: 0131 226 0000
Visit Website

Venue Box Office (The Assembly Rooms, George Street)
Tel: 0131 226 2428
Visit Website

Also click on Mick Perrin's website for all info and to see all his other great acts!


New Poster for Edinburgh and Tour 2006 Posted 6/7/06

Check out the new Mick Perrin poster for Edinburgh and Tour 2006! Click on the image below to view a bigger version (it's a two-page PDF). It has all dates and details of all venues up till December.

uk tour poster 2006uk tour poster 2006


Appearance in Quebec, Canada Posted 29/5/06

I have just been confirmed to attend the Blue Nose Festival in Quebec City and a festival in Gatineau City. One performance will be televised across the French speaking countries (800-1800 seater theatres!). This has all come through the work I have been doing on my french show in the last 4 years. The producer of the Montreux Festival du Rire in Switzerland, where I appeared last December on TV has invited me out to this big festival in Quebec and I am very excited as I am required to do my appearance in French!


New gallery open Posted 18/4/06

I have a new area for photographs which can all be found in the gallery. If you require high resolution versions of any of the images displayed, then please contact.


New biography available Posted 29/3/06

My new updated biography is now available to download in the Hot Links Section of this web page.


Plans for an Autumn 2006 UK Tour Posted 19/2/06

This year I will be promoted at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival by Mick Perrin, who promotes the likes of Eddie Izzard, Dylan Moran, Tony Robinson......and many more Mick Perrin.

Plans for an Autumn 2006 UK Tour following the Edinburgh Festival are also taking place. This is also being promoted by Mick Perrin. Details to follow.

Corporate Bookings can be booked through Prestige Promotions (see hot links) or send email direct to:


Radio Show with Eddie Izzard Posted 19/2/06

Back in December I was invited as a guest to appear in the Eddie Izzard Cabaret Show on Radio 2. This was broadcast on Boxing Day having been recorded at Ronnie Scotts on the 23rd December. It was alot of fun and I got to perform in front of a packed audience and was interviewed by Eddie. We discussed the experience of performing our shows in different languages.


TV Appearances Posted: 20/10/05

I was lucky enough to appear on "Live at the Fringe" on ITV and Paramount, this year at the Edinburgh Festival. I performed 3 minutes of my funniest material to a live audience. The show was introduced by Dara O Briain and other guests included the fabulous a cappella, VnB (vocal and beat) group The Magnets.

I was also featured on Austrian TV (ORF and Plus TV) as a guest, due to my recent Austrian Tour and CD release

My appearance on German TV (ABB) has led to more bookings in the German speaking countries too!

After the success of BBC2 (TV) Double Take, last year which actually paid me to do some impressions, I have put together a CD of all my impressions of particular people and accents! If you would like to listen let me know.

I was featured on CHANNEL 4 Top 100 Cartoons, talking about Finding Nemo (albeit for 7 seconds). Now I know what it is like to be a Talking Head!


Critical success at Edinburgh Posted: 8/9/05

The press seemed to enjoy the show this year, here are a few of the quotes

"A Joyce Grenfell character for the 21st century, she deserves a place in musical history." ****The Scotsman

"Her versatility is amazing…this is all good fun and has massive popular appeal." British Theatre Guide

"No musical challenge is too great, from Bagpipes to flamenco cello…this is a real afternoon treat" The Daily Mail

"It's jaw droppingly impressive." ****

"Pick of the festival…slaughtering audiences all over the world…multi-lingual looker, top cellist and a dazzling impressionist, Carrington offers audiences three genres of entertainment for the price of one!" Edinburgh Festivals Magazines


Edinburgh update Posted: 22/8/05

Hiya. I'm still up here having a wonderful time with my show selling out from day one which has resulted in great reviews and has led to some very interesting bookings for next year. I have also appeared on ITV (The Live Floor Show from the Fringe) and BBC Radio Scotland. I will be adding further details of what's been happening very soon.


Austria tour and CD release Posted: 22/8/05

Dates have been confirmed for my Austrian tour for September and October (which can be found on the tours dates section). My CD will be released there as well at the Metropol on the 8 September.


Womans Hour on BBC Radio 4 Posted: 18/7/05

Just arrived back from having been on Womans Hour today! Jenni Murray was very friendly and seemed to really enjoy the whole idea of my show. You can still listen to it on BBC Radio 4 It will stay in the archives for quite sometime so I have been told. I think that will be a good plug for the Edinburgh show which is only a few weeks away now! In fact they liked it so much, they had it on the pick of the week for Womans Hour this Saturday!


Loose Ends on BBC Radio 4 Posted:18/7/05

My fourth appearance on Loose Ends, was fun as always! That was back in February but still remember sitting next to Minnie Driver and asking her about John Cusack! Hall and Oats seemed to like the comedy from a cello enough for them to suggest that I might support them on tour!!


Biography Posted: 18/7/05

If you would like to see a full length version of my biography you can do so by going to South East Music Schemes or RBM Comedy Just click on artists and then my name.


New promo DVD released. Posted: 24/5/05

There is a promotional DVD for anyone who would like to see some of my TV appearances over the last few years. It gives you a good idea of what to expect from the act. If you would like a copy sent to you please contact me through this website.


New CD Released Posted: 27/4/05

If you would like to hear a few samples from my new CD you can go to the top of the page. If you are on a slow internet connection bear with it as the files are quite large.

But this is just a taster. You can order it through Dresscircle, or go to my Austrian Record Company Plus, for all of you who asked where and when they can see Joe (the 18th century cello) and myself, check out all the tour dates on the side of the web page.


Website up and running! Posted: 27/4/05

Big thanks to web designer Julian Knott, check out his web page, he rocks — book him for all your web pages! I am trying to keep y'all up to date, so hope it is of some interest.


Edinburgh Festival 2005 Posted: 27/4/05

This was great last year as it was a total success (thanks to RBM, my agents and Johanna Martin, my PR), we sold out everyday, and that of course led to the fact that I am going back to Edinburgh this summer. I will be on at 4.30pm at the Assembly Rooms, 5-28 August, The Drawing Room.


Corporate gigs on the up Posted: 27/4/05

Lots of corporate dates that are now starting to come in, as the international element to the show appeals to those international conferences!

Thanks to Clive Thomas, from Prestige Promotions, , who luckily I met at the Edinburgh festival, along with his friend, Ray. He has been a great supporter and his energy and enthusiasm have really payed off. If you would like to book me for any corporate events please email clive direct on


Gigs in Germany, Austria, France and Italy Posted: 27/4/05

I am now doing my shows in German, French and Italian. Just did my first Italian comedy festival, on the 7th and 8th March in Bolzano, which was fun. It was a great success and I was invited back to do a tour of Italy at some point — which would be fabulous.


South East Music Schemes Posted: 27/4/05

Winning this SEMS award has been wonderful — great bookings at music festivals etc (check out web page at — Thank you Judith!!


My French project Posted: 27/4/05

This is still ongoing — a 5 minute appearance en francais last december in Paris at the Theatre de Rond Point! Thanks to Stephane Foenkinos, my director for 'REBEKABARET' (that's the title of the show on the continent as the UK did not seem to go with it — why are we sooooo difficult?). He has been a great inspiration and has whipped me in to action.

My great friend Zohra Haddouch, who is working hard at "Juste pour rire," (Just for laughs) a production company in Paris who introduced me to Eddie Izzard (we chatted on the phone for 10 mins!) Thank you Zo and Vincent Houette, who supported me in Paris.


Over in the USA Posted: 27/4/05

Was over in the USA in November performing in Connecticut (thank you Mum for arranging that and VA Hope Erb — you rock). That was fun and hope to come back to my 2nd home soon.


Guest on LBC Radio Posted: 27/4/05

Was a guest on LBC Radio (a London radio station) with Bonnie Langford for the full 2 hours — no cello just some chit chat from me! Last week was on BBC London Live as a guest to review the papers! Managed to stay well clear of the politics but chatted about Wacko Jacko and the Pope.