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Deutsch NDR – Die Comedy Gala – „Wonderful World“
Comedy Show Germany, October 2012
Deutsch NDR – Die Comedy Gala – „Cello“
Comedy Show Germany, October 2012
ENGLISH Deutsche Welle – Insight Germany”
Talkshow Germany, June 2012

This video can not be watched on this website; therefor here are some infos
and the » link to the “Deutsche Welle” website.

You will find Rebecca Carrington's interview on the German Station “Deutsche Welle” which was broadcast internationally in June 2012. She was invited as the guest on “Insight Germany” a programme with the English Singer Robin Merrill. It is a programme about people who live in Germany but are not orginally from there and their impressions of Germany and the Germans. And good news for all you English Speaking people: the whole interview is in English! She has already received emails from as far as Goa, in India and Namibia! Enjoy!

Talkshow Germany, February 2012
Talkshow Germany, January 2012
ENGLISH ZDF heute nacht
News-Show Germany, November 2011
ENGLISH ARTE TV Metropolis Kultur Magazine
Show Germany/France 2007
ENGLISH Nick Parsons
TV-Show 2004
ENGLISH Lufthansa Entertainment
TV-Magazin 2007
ENGLISH Deutsche Welle „euromaxx“
TV-Magazin Deutschland 2007
ENGLISH 3sat Festival
German TV show 2007
ENGLISH Wühlmäuse-Festival 2010
Show Germany, September 2010
ENGLISH BR – “Altinger Mittendrin”
German TV show 2009
ENGLISH SF – “Giacobbo/Müller” S
wiss TV-Show 2010
ENGLISH  ENGLISH 3 SAT – “Saitensprung”
German TV show 2009
ENGLISH WDR – “Kölner Treff”
German TV show 2009 Teil 1
ENGLISH WDR – “Kölner Treff”
German TV show 2009 Teil 2
GERMAN 3 SAT “Prix Pantheon Gala”
Audience Prize 2007
GERMAN BR “Ottis Schlachthof”
German TV show 2007
ENGLISH  ENGLISH 3 SAT TV Festival – Bollywood - Part 1
German TV show 2007
ENGLISH  GERMAN 3 SAT TV Festival – Cello in America - Part 2
German TV show 2007
ENGLISH Show in Toulouse in October 2008
Intro »
ENGLISH Montreux Festival du Rire
Some bits of the show at Montreux Festival du Rire (Switzerland)
ENGLISH Arosa Humour Festival
Excerpt of an interview on an Austrian TV Channel and various performances at the Arosa Humour Festival, Switzerland
ENGLISH TV news and interviews & The Fringe in Edinburgh
Rebecca across the United States and UK: some footage from TV news and interviews, and various performances including one at The Fringe in Edinburgh